The Gulf Estuarine Research Society (GERS) is one of 7 regionally based Affiliate Societies of the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF).   GERS is a not for profit educational organization for people interested in estuarine and coastal issues centering on the Gulf of Mexico.  The fundamental goal is to promote research in the Gulf of Mexico.  GERS is a very active research society with a membership of scientists, researchers, and students from universities, agencies and research labs along the Gulf coast.

At its scientific meetings, GERS also encourages students to present papers on their research in marine related areas.  Awards are presented at each meeting for the best student papers.  These awards have been made possible by grants from Freeport-McMoRan and have resulted in many very high quality student presentations. GERS also funds student travel to regional and national meetings.

Today, GERS is an active research society with a total membership of about 250 scientists, researchers, and students from universities, agencies and research labs along the Gulf coast.  Many of the scientists have national and international reputations in their areas of research.  This research society is expected to grow in importance during the next decade as human impacts on estuarine and coastal environments continue to escalate rapidly, presenting major challenges in characterizing and understanding ecosystem responses to such impacts.  As society, and the scientific community in particular, faces these challenges, coastal research organization such as the Gulf Estuarine Research Society are poised to assume strong leadership positions as representatives for scientists involved in such research.

GERS is an affiliate society of the Coastal Estuarine Research Federation (CERF). We encourage you to join and support CERF! CERF members receive great benefits, influding access to an international job board and tools for early career scientists to become leaders in their fields. Regular GERS dues may also be paid at the same time as CERF dues. Join or renew your CERF membership today!

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