Undergrad and Graduate Student Presentation Winners

Thank you to all the students on the great presentations, and everyone on the discussions that followed!  

Congratulations to our winners:

Top two undergraduate student presenters: 

Allison Benelli

Decomposition Rates of Spartina alterniflora in Coastal Louisiana Natural and Created Marshes

Jordan Rodriguez

Mismatches in Plant Sampling Biases Between Observations and Vouchered Specimens 

Top five graduate student presenters: 

Anika Agrawal

Temporal Dynamics of Multiple Stressor Effects on Crassostrea virginica in Galveston Bay

Janelle Goeke

Consumption of Mangrove Plant Matter Decreases Body Condition of Salt Marsh Invertebrates

Andrea Jaegge

Floods and Phytoplankton: Assessing Impacts from the 2019 Mississippi River Flooding

Michaela Livingston

Tissue-Specific Mercury Concentrations in Immature Bull Sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) from Sabine Lake

Meghan McCormack

Mercury and Selenium Concentrations in Northern Gulf of Mexico Bottlenose Dolphins

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