Presentations must be in .mov or .mp4 format and include slides, with embedded audio. 

A maximum of 5 slides and 5 minutes are allowed.

Format:  There are multiple ways to record audio with your powerpoint, and you are free to use any method that works, including embedded video of you making your presentation on each slide.  Each presentation must advance on its own, include audio, and be submitted in .mov or .mp4 format.

Instructions for preparing .mov or .mp4 formats:

HURRICANE ZETA UPDATE!!!! Submit by midnight 11/8/2020 by email to following instructions below. 

Guidelines/resources for preparing 5 minute/5 slide talks






What is the problem your research tries to address and why is it important?

What is the contribution of your research?

Describe the method of approach used.

What are the key results?

What is the take-away message?

Below are instructions for the simplest approach

Once you have your five slides prepared in powerpoint:

  1. Select “slide show”
  2. Make sure that “play narrations”, “use timings” and “show media” are all selected. 
  3. Select “Record Slide show – play from beginning”
  4. Make sure the microphone is on and video is off
  5. Press the “Record” button
  6. Make your recording!  There is a timer that shows up as you talk through your slides. 
  7. Select "File - Export" and export as either .mov or .mp4 format. 

This link also provide a clear guide for preparing your video:

Keep it simple and focused!

As you develop your presentation, remember, less can be more convincing! 

For ideas on how to make powerful and concise presentations, check out these articles: 


Once you are happy with your presentation, make sure you have cleared your notes out of the presentation, and name your file: LASTNAME.FIRSTNAME and keep it saved as a .mov or .mp4 (i.e., do not save as PDF or other).

HURRICANE ZETA UPDATE!!!! Please submit to with the subject line "GERS 2020 Submission" by midnight 11/8/2020

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